• Eat Right – Less of carbohydrates and more of fruits and vegetables.
  • Exercise well, walk up the stairs. Don’t walk in slow motion. Take the stairs. Don’t treat pregnancy as a disease.
  • Don’t be over-anxious. Keep a good support system and go to the movies, go to the mall, do shopping, cooking and household work.
  • Your Doctor should spend time during the consultation, to understand your concerns, clarify and counsel you adequately. Write down your concerns and ask your doctor. If you have any doubts then you can also ask the Gynecologist in Karaikudi who have expertise in performing natural births.
  • It is important your doctor has an optimistic attitude and is not pessimistic about any slight deviations.
  • A friendly compassionate health care team goes a long way in encouraging and reassuring you during pregnancy
  • It is important your doctor is available round the clock, and in her absence, her team of colleagues as you never know when one can go into labor.
  • Labor is a long drawn process so just one individual being responsible takes a role on a human being so adequate personnel should be available round the clock.
  • If natural labor or the normal term of events fail and the alarm bells are ringing appropriate decision making is vital, as the line between normalcy and a potential disaster is very thin.
  • Be positive, yet not overconfident and headstrong. Modern medicine has saved the lives of many mothers and babies and Tamil Nadu has the least maternal mortality rate in the country. Our best fertility centre in karaikudi for Normal Delivery offer a comprehensive change range of services for women of all ages.

A neonatal emergency unit (NICU) otherwise called a concentrated consideration nursery (ICN), is an emergency unit under the watchful eye of sick or untimely babies.

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