Facts on Miscarriage

What is Miscarriage?

Loss of pregnancy before 20 weeks of pregnancy / 5th month.

Usually it occurs in first 12 weeks

It causes a lot of stress and tension to the couples and family.

They always want to know what went wrong. Some patients have repeated miscarriages or Bad obstetric history which requires the case of Recurrent Pregnancy loss specialist states Gynecologist In Adambakkam..

What are the chances that you will have a miscarriage again?

If you have had more than 2 miscarriages, there is a good chance you may miscarry again. You must consult a Recurrent Pregnancy Loss specialist to find out the cause at RATHNAA HOSPITAL, there are some STRICT CRITERIA and tests and instructions based on our years of experience togive you solutions for your problems.

Treatment of this condition gives good results 70 to 75% of the time


  • Genetic
  • Uterine
  • Cervical abnormalities
  • Polycystic ovaries
  • Diabetes
  • Immune system causes
  • Life Style

What tests you need to do?

  • Karyotyping – to RULE OUT genetic defects in both partners

Test on the tissue from miscarriage for chromosomal defects.

  • Hormonal tests and Immunology tests
  • Uterus structural abnormalities 3D USG, HSG

· Hysteroscopy and endometrical biopsy if necessary.


Hypertension, Kidney disease, uncontrolled undiagnosed diabetes, heart disease, Auto immune disease are all reasons for recurrent miscarriage very often these conditions are under diagnosed and under treated.


Smoking, alcoholic, illegal drug abuse, using too many foods that contain preservatives.


Hypothyroidism under diagnosed, uncontrolled polycystic ovaries, increased prolactin levels.


Sometimes the mothers body produces antibodies against the developing fetus (which must usually produced only against foreign substances). For eg. Anticardiolipin antibody is responsible for repeated miscarriages. This is not so rare phenomenon. It is often not diagnosed properly and if not treated is a common cause of recurrent miscarriage correct testing should be done to identify it.


At 12 to 20 weeks Mid trimester abortions occur due to incompetence of the cervix. The mouth of uterus may become lose and hence will not have the strength to hold the baby inside, hence may open up and the baby will be pushed out. It must be sutured in pregnancy to avoid loosening states Fertility Centre in Karaikudi.


Genetic defects of Husband can cause repeated abortions to the wife so the couple must undergo genetic evaluation to rid of unknown genetic defects for both partners. Sperm quality if NOT GOOD can cause repeated abortions.

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