Development In Fertility Techniques

Pre-implantation Genetic Testing (PGT):

One of the advanced techniques involved in IVF treatment is pre-implantation genetic testing (PGT). It is one of the helpful techniques involved to identify the abnormality in the embryos. This method goes through all the genetic testing on the young embryos. PGT helps couples who don’t possess genetic disorders but find it hard to get conceived. It also helps the people who have a genetic disorder and don’t want to pass on their genes to their offspring. So, in both cases, PGT aids fertility professionals to check the chromosomal abnormalities in the embryos’ DNA cells before implanting them into the woman’s womb. The best IVF center in Karaikudi says that PGT reduces the possibility of a genetic disorder from passing down. So, embryos that have regular chromosomal numbers are picked and placed in the mother for conception.

Endometrial Receptivity Analysis Testing (ERA):

It is also a genetic examination in which the sample of the endometrial lining is tested to determine the suitable day for the embryo transfer during the IVF treatment. Hence, ERA estimates the apt time to synchronize the transferred embryo with the endometrial lining for early conception. The sample undergoes molecular analysis to determine the suitable time for implanting the embryo in the future IVF cycle. best ivf centre in karaikudi says that this technique is used when the couple had two or more unsuccessful IVF cycles even after having a healthy embryo.

Magnetic activated cell sorting (MACS):

This advanced technology is used when male partners have infertility issues. MACS helps to separate healthy sperm from those that have damaged DNA. These damaged DNA can cause infertility in men and poor embryo quality. Therefore, the semen is passed through the column that has a weak magnetic field. Thus, the magnetic field attracts the damaged ones, and healthy ones are passed through the column. Finally, healthy sperms are used for IVF or IUI treatment.

Hence, consult with the best infertility treatment in karaikudi to know the major advancements in the IVF for earlier conception. Therefore, various developments are happening in the medical world to provide better medical care.

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