What Can One Expect During the Early Stages of IVF Pregnancy?

Pregnancy is the most beautiful part of every woman’s life. Some women need additional medical assistance in obtaining a successful pregnancy. In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) is one of the popular Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) used nowadays.

IVF is a medical procedure where the woman’s egg is fertilized with the man’s sperm under laboratory conditions. Then, the fertilized embryo is placed back into the woman’s womb through medical techniques. The reason for being infertile depends on various issues like genetic problems, lifestyle, hormonal imbalance, and many more. Hence, consulting the best fertility hospitals in karaikudi at an early stage will help the couples attain the best results.

However, after taking up the IVF treatment, there are certain factors to be followed or expected. These factors will lead to a healthy pregnancy journey. Hence, in this post, let us see what one can expect during the early stages of IVF pregnancy.

Pregnancy test:

Obviously, after completing your IVF treatment cycle, you will be waiting to take up a home pregnancy test. But in reality, you should not take up a pregnancy test on your own because one of the fertility drugs used in the IVF treatment cycle is the hormone hCG. The hormone hCG is the pregnancy hormone that is induced into you as part of the treatment. So, when you take up the home pregnancy test after receiving the treatment, it would show positive results not because of being pregnant but because of the hormone present in you. Therefore, at least wait for two weeks after the IVF cycle treatment. Therefore, schedule an appointment with the fertility hospital in karaikudi after 10-14 days of egg retrieval to test, detect and measure the pregnancy hormone. Hence, this is the first thing that a couple should follow soon after their IVF treatment.

Progesterone support:

So after getting the positive results for your IVF pregnancy, you should continue to follow up with your doctor. It is because you need to keep up with the doctor for continuous progesterone support as a part of IVF treatment. The progesterone support for IVF pregnancy is essential to allow the uterus to grow during the pregnancy and prevent them from contracting during the process. The progesterone support also helps the baby from getting premature. The duration of this procedure completely depends on the woman’s health condition. Some doctors use vaginal suppositories or gel to induce progesterone, while some use injections for this process. So, consult with your doctor in a reputed fertility center in Karaikudi for choosing the appropriate method.

Blood tests:

Thirdly, in the early stages of the IVF pregnancy, you can always expect to have a blood test for every visit, at least for the first few weeks of pregnancy. Blood tests are essential in the IVF pregnancy to check the rising hCG level for identifying multiple pregnancies. Similarly, to monitor the estrogen and progesterone level for a healthy pregnancy especially, to check the symptoms of ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome of OHSS.

Meeting regular obstetrician:

After checking the ultrasound and regular test, the fertility doctor will release you to the regular gynecologist in karaikudi or OB at the eighth week of pregnancy. Now, you will be relieved to meet the regular obstetrician after intense monitoring

Hence, these are the steps to be expected in the early stages of IVF pregnancy. Therefore, consult the best fertility clinic in karaikudi for assisted medical care and guidance.

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