How To Improve Egg Quality For Pregnancy Or IVF?

Pregnancy is the most beautiful journey in every woman’s life. However, some women need medical assistance to conceive successfully. One of such techniques is IVF or In Vitro Fertilization. There are various factors that influence the success of this method. Egg quality is one such factor that determines pregnancy in women. The gynecologist in karaikudi says that an IVF cycle is unsuccessful even with a good number of eggs if their quality is below average. Hence, egg quality plays a vital role in a successful pregnancy because the quality of the eggs impacts the quality of the embryo. The major cause for the poor quality of ovarian eggs is due to diminished ovarian reserve. In a natural pregnancy, poor-quality eggs generally refer to chromosomal abnormalities in the embryo. So it often leads to miscarriage and disability during birth. In IVF pregnancy, poor egg quality often fails during embryo implantation, or the eggs fail to fertilize. Be it natural pregnancy or IVF, it is essential to have quality eggs for a healthy pregnancy. Hence, in this post, let us see how to improve egg quality for pregnancy or IVF.

Go for egg checkup:

The foremost way to find the quality of the eggs is to check with the doctor. The best fertility centre in Karaikudi conducts simple tests like antral follicle count, day 3 FSH, and AMH will help the medical experts to find the possible rate of ovarian reserve. So, early detection will aid them to provide the essential therapies and treatment to overcome the issue. For example, antral follicle count is an ultrasound checkup done over the small ovarian follicles. So, checking the antral follicles, the doctor can predict the primordial follicles, which means immature eggs on each strand. Thus, the higher the follicles, the higher the ovarian reserve. Hence, egg check-up lets you know the quality of eggs. With the help of these, you can move forward and choose the appropriate assisted reproductive technologies (ART).


Even though ART can improve your quality of eggs, it is equally important to choose a healthy lifestyle. The gynecologist in karaikudi says that eating a balanced diet that is rich in protein can improve the quality of the eggs. Similarly, stress can create hormonal imbalance in the body and can disturb the environment of your eggs. So, while trying for pregnancy, especially for IVF pregnancy, being calm, eating nutritious food, and staying active with gentle and regular exercise can make a lot of difference during the treatment.

Complementary therapies:

It is ideal to invest in supplements to improve the quality of the eggs. Dietary supplements also play a vital environment in creating the optimal environment for the eggs. Hence, consult with your doctor to take the appropriate medications to boost and encourage ovarian function.

Hence, consult the best gynecologist in karaikudi for the medical advice along with the tips shared in the post for better treatment.

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