Everything About Mood Swings During Pregnancy

Every pregnant woman experiences mood swings—sometimes in brief and sometimes for a longer time—as she progresses trimester-by-trimester. It can be due to many reasons. The hormonal changes or the physical uneasiness that the woman faces can add up to mood swings. There is no need to feel different as these changes are very common for all pregnant women. In this blog, we will see everything about mood swings during pregnancy. Ensure that you always consult and get support from your fertility hospitals in karaikudi to help you during this phase.

What triggers mood swings during the first trimester?

Most mood swings arise due to hormonal changes in the body. But, it is not the only cause. The physical discomfort that a woman feels can also be a trigger for mood swings. One such example is morning sickness. Almost 70% of the women experience vomiting and nausea initially during pregnancy. It can lead to anxiety since the woman would not know when she would feel nauseous and start vomiting. They may also be emotionally drained when they are tired. This fatigue and morning sickness will be the primary causes of mood swings in the beginning.

With the aid of best fertility centre in karaikudi, you will be able to handle the stress and fatigue during the first trimester.

Mood Swings during the Second Trimester

This period is referred to as the Honeymoon phase since a woman would start feeling less stress and fatigue. Even the symptoms of morning sickness will reduce if not completely. Compared to the first trimester, you will feel energetic and more active.

However, that does not mean a woman would have no mood swings during this period. There are a new set of triggers that create mood swings.

During the second trimester, you will start to see changes in body shape. If anyone is very conscious about this, they might feel anxious and this will cause mood swings. Apart from the physical changes, prenatal tests during the second trimester like amniocentesis, if suggested by ivf specialists in karaikudi can cause stress. It emerges from the whole act of taking the test and waiting for the results.

However, mood swings are not always negative. The changes in the second trimester will make you feel physically active and much better than you were in the previous trimester.

Mood Swings during the Third Trimester

In this third trimester, a woman will begin to see a different kind of mood swing called nesting. An expecting mother starts to organize, clean, and prepare everything for the baby. Most women would take this as a positive experience while others may feel anxious that nothing is up to the mark for their baby. She would feel the urge to do more and this situation may cause mood swings.

As the due date nears, a new mother will start to worry and fear about the baby and try to fulfill all the expectations of being a good mother to the child. Taking the help of your gynecologist in Karaikudi can ease the situation for you.

How can you cope with mood swings during pregnancy?

Be at peace with yourself and do not think you are the one to blame for the mood swings. All these mood swings are due to hormonal changes, and it is normal to experience such changes during pregnancy. Consult the best fertility centre in Karaikudi in case you have tried to conceive with medical intervention.

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